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The other option could be the canister but it seems just as bulky as the uprights… help! I am overwhelmed by choice! For your mom I agree, I think the upright and canister are just going to be too heavy especially dealing with 2 stories. They are among the heaviest uprights on the market.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner - Copper/Nickel

I would strongly suggest the Dyson V10 Animal. Since she has mostly carpets, no need to pay extra for the Absolute model which includes the hardwood floor cleaning head. The V10 Animal is lightweight a little under 6 pounds and has the longest run time of any high performance cordless stick vacuum cleaner at least as far as I am aware. Then you can easily hang it on the wall. Since you have primarily vinyl there is no real sense in getting a Dyson upright. The Dyson uprights are really best for homes with mostly carpets.

However, if money is tighter the V8 is still an amazingly good machine still top 3 cordless vacuums on the market, in my opinion. Hi — We have a combination of floor surfaces to vacuum. Which Dyson would be best for us. Thanks for your question. Just to clarify your budget.

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We are looking for a new vacuum. We currently have the V6 Animal and an upright Shark that the housekeeper prefers to use. We have a two story home with carpet on the stairs, in the hallway and bedrooms upstairs, and tile throughout the downstairs and in the bathrooms. In addition, we have two dogs that shed and a five year old.

What vacuum would you recommend for our family? Thank you! We need a vacuum with a lot of cleaning power that will last a long time. Our V6 is already loosing suction because we use it so much. I am not picky about the type of vacuum we purchase as long as it is a great vacuum that will do the job of cleaning all the dog hair and dirt we collect on a daily basis. Thanks so much! Based on your needs I would suggest going with the Dyson Ball Animal 2.

We live in Turkey where some options like upright animal are not available in market as far as I could search. I have asthma and need a machine that will take the most dust mites and allergens out of carpets, sofas, curtains and corners as well as laminate floors. The carpets are one persian with thick pile and the other 2 are normal cut pile. I am not sure if I described them well, they are not shaggy anyway. The house is feet and is usually cleaned once a week. Washing or changing filter is not a problem.

Also we are on a budget. Is this too much to want in a vacuum cleaner? Based on your needs I would suggest the Dyson Multi Floor 2. The Multi Floor auto adjusts the height, depending on the floor type, which will be great for your home since you have so many different surfaces that need cleaning. Just bought a V10 Absolute due to the review on here plus some of the comments. I have one dog that sheds a lot the other not but still a big dog LOL , plus we come in from our outside 20 acres with red clay dust and so really need to run a vacuum almost every day in some areas.

The V10 will be fine on mode 2 for every day on tile, hardwood and area rugs. And— I will be more prone to use attachments on a much lighter vacuum. I have had two Dysons over the years and have loved them, always recommend it to friends but my new Dyson I love BUT I dislike when emptying it so much dust gets stuck that I have to put my fingers in to get the residual out.

I get all the dust over my hands and arms, very annoyed and not happy. The Dyson V7 and V8 dust bins started to better address this, but the V10 does the best job of the series where it really forces the dust out as you empty. We have 4 bedrooms carpeted and the lounge room has two shaggy rugs.

The rest of the house is tiled — two bathrooms, kitchen, two hallways, dining room and two family rooms. Which model of upright stick would you recommend? Thanks Chantal. With that amount of tile in your home you definitely want the soft roller cleaning head, which is only included on Absolute models and some very old Fluffy models.

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I would suggest you wait 3 days for the Amazon prime sale. The Dyson V10 Absolute is almost certain to be on sale then. I have carpeted bedrooms and hardwood flooring plus tile in kitchen.

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Is the vacuum safe for hardwood flooring or must I utilize the articulating hard floor tool on the hardwood flooring? If so, is that easy to change? Is there an option near top of handle to stop rotation and just use suction? Hi Derek We have a V10 and are looking to add a canister vacuum for more longer, thorough cleanings.

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Our house is mostly hardwood with some area rugs, one of which is large and high-pile. We have two cats who shed a lot.

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What would be your recommendation? However, we tend to prefer the Miele canister vacuums over the Dyson canisters. The Miele C1 in particular is a great value for performance. My primary driver for getting a new vacuum is to get the cat hair off the couch. I am leaning toward the V10 Absolute bc I want a stick vac that converts to a hand vac for wood floors and pet hair on couches.

Do you think the V10 Absolute is the best option for me? I would be fine w a corded convertible stick vac if one is out there that will suit my needs. Thank you for your detailed analyses! Plus, the V10 still includes the soft roller head, while the V11 does not. The soft roller head will make a bigger difference on your hard surface floors, especially for cat hair. I have three teenage sons, two dogs and a four bedroom home with stripped wooden floors and persian short pile wool rugs. Which cordless Dyson would fit our needs? Would I be best waiting for a sale?

I also want a machine that will last a long time! Since you have a lot of hardwood floors the soft roller head on the Absolute model will really come in handy.

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